Why Your Problems In Life Are Caused By Not Facing The Truth And Avoiding Reality | Dr. Isaiah Hankel

Until you get painfully honest with yourself you’ wont get ahead. Here’s why your problems in life are caused by not facing the truth and avoiding reality.

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If you are not living the life you desire you know that within yourself. You can mask this fact to others but you cannot kid yourself. So if you decide to change you don’t have to do it for someone else. You only need to give an answer to yourself.


Along my journey it took eight long years to find once again my identity, my authenticity. My emotional wounds have hurt all that time. But they were slowly healing. Today I feel they don’t hurt anymore. Now I’m ready to go in my past and learn from it, not live in it. Now I’m ready to share my truth, to accept a vulnerability that represents the courage to tell the story of who I am, the courage to show how imperfect I am and being OK with it.


My story is for you. It is for you to inspire you to start a new journey toward the person you want to be, toward your authentic life, toward a life that honors who you are. Change yourself first, then change the world. Because life is having a dream and not knowing how to get there — but starting anyway.


Yes, you have to start somewhere. Even the longest journey starts with a first step. So make sure to start.


The Journey To Reclaim My Life