What Is Spirituality And Why Religion Is The Cause Of Many Wars | Fabrizio Fusco

What is spirituality? What is religion? Is there a difference? Read on to find out our answers to these tough questions.

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There’s a fine line between history and mythology.

Myths are defined as a collection of imaginary stories told to explain nature, history, and customs.

Now, who decides when history stops and mythology begins? And that’s the problem with religions.

Does God Exist?

Many people believe that God exists (or doesn’t exist) because they were raised that way, but from a philosophical point of view, this isn’t enough.


When we ask ourselves “Does God exist?” we ask the wrong question. We should ask: What is your definition of God?

Most people think we are sort of being played by an external God. It’s not so. We create our own reality through the law of attraction.


God is just a word.

It doesn’t really mean much except what we want it to mean.

But essentially we can talk of it as a Source of Life, as energy. It is a synonym of Nature, Universe or the laws of physics that govern its workings.


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