Why Do People Cheat? – Teal Swan –

Why Do People Cheat Video References I can have me and I can have you too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkJHUjF-zZE Enduris

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What people call love is a relationship based on possession, control and fear. They promise to love and honor each other. And often people really believe that they can maintain the promises made.


A few months pass by and the promises are shattered one after the other. Only resentment remains and they hurt each other.


Without even being aware of it love ends.


There is a mistake that most of us make. We think we can put our happiness in the partner’s hands. Happiness never comes from outside of us. Happiness is generated from inside of us.


As soon as we make another person responsible of our happiness the relationship is doomed.


Learn what is true love and happiness really about in a romantic relationship