Live life to the fullest/ Leva till hundra procent


girl-1275656_1920An individual who is not taking a risk may avoid suffering and sorrow, but it will be at the expense of not develop and therefore stagnate. Being addict to safety is the same as for being a slave. For the only human who dares to take risks, is free in the real sense of the word. We (my husband and I) have decided to live life to the fullest. We may fail but to not have done our best is far worse than failing.

The worst is probably the fear of the new. The unknown, where safety is in the absence. We know how it is to live here but not how it is in the new country.

Life should be about pursuing one’s dreams. Live a life full of sensations. My mantra for the evening: Obstacles do not have to be fatal, if you learn to put hazards in…

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