What is Authentic Freedom?

Authentic Freedom Academy

Authentic Freedom is a way of life characterized by the consistent experience of inner peace, out of which we are free to openly share the gifts that God gave us.  Authentic Freedom is our Divine inheritance and the way that God intends us to live!  However, instead of claiming this Divine inheritance, most of us struggle through our lives, plagued by the irrational fears, anxieties and compulsions that hold us prisoner.  But, there is a Divinely inspired process – a journey of self-discovery and transformation – that can lead each of us to an awareness of the ways in which fear, false perceptions and illusions block us from realizing the freedom that is authentically ours.  That process is Authentic Freedom.    

(excerpt from Authentic Freedom – Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy by Lauri Ann Lumby)


In this excerpt from my book, Authentic Freedom, I describe my understanding of…

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