How To Improve Your Resilience Take Control Of Life After Failure | Fabrizio Fusco

Everyone fails in life. It’s how we rebound and take back control that matters. Here’s how to improve your resilience in life after a failure.

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How to improve your resilience and take back control of your life

Think of an orange. When you squeeze it orange juice comes out.


Why? Because that’s what is inside the orange.


Now take a look at yourself. When life squeezes you what comes out? Anger, hatred, depression… Why?


We say people or situations made us feel that way, it’s all because of them.


But actually, just like the orange, those feelings came out because they were already inside of you.


If you want to stop suffering because of negative feelings, you have to look inside of you and change your perspective.


Now, when life squeezes you, the only things that come out are understanding and love.