3 Ways To Prevent Distractions From Interrupting Your Goals | Dr. Isaiah Hankel | Discover How to Create a Confident and Focused Life

The key to success and reaching your goals lies in being smart about your time and energy. The way you do this is by protecting your focus from distracting information and people. Your goals will be the collateral damage of your life if you don’t learn how to protect your focus like the essential resource that it is. Getting disciplined and discerning about your time and your environment is the only way to realize your goals. Here are 3 ways to protect your goals from distractions. Read More »

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Maybe we have tried to unleash our creativity but then we’ve given up.

Unsupportive family and friends convinced us to come back into the illusion of safety.

We live in a life we don’t feel our own. But why have we given up our true nature?