How To Make A Difference And Become A Winner In Life | Fabrizio Fusco |

The magic of happiness lies in the craziness to risk. Here’s how to make a difference in life and become a winner. Go live the life that you desire.

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Our life, our true nature is meant to be an adventure.

Instead we have traded it for the illusion of safety.

We were ambitious… But we lost that ambition because someone told us how to behave.

Maybe we have tried to unleash our creativity but then we’ve given up.

Unsupportive family and friends convinced us to come back into the illusion of safety.

We live in a life we don’t feel our own. But why have we given up our true nature?

The answer is ingrained in our society. Our schools are built to train kids to create complaint, obedient factory workers.

We have developed a habit to follow instructions.

And it worked in the past.

But not anymore.

Because the world is changing really fast.

Here’s how to make a difference and become a winner in life.