Self Love Process (How To Connect With Yourself) – Teal Swan –

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How to connect with ourselves and how to take an internal journey inside our own inner world.


How To Let Go of Mistakes – Teal Swan

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Mistakes are part of everyone’s life. What too often happens, though, is that we beat ourselves up. And we start spiraling down.


And once we are trapped in a negative spiral it’s hard to get out of it.


Now, it is important to understand that nobody purposely wants to make mistakes.


When we do, we are convinced that we are making the best decision possible. Instead, then, looking back, it turns out to be a mistake.


Here’s how to stop beating yourself up, let go of past mistakes and overcome a negative thought spiral.

Why Love Turns Into Hate – Teal Swan –

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“Love in a relationship doesn’t exist.” How many times people have said that? You hear that again and again from people frustrated about their relationship.


Twin flames and soul mates don’t exist, they say. And many of us, by now, are convinced of that.


There is a mistake that most of us make. We think we can put our happiness in the partner’s hands. Happiness never comes from outside of us. Happiness is generated from inside of us.


Here’s what true love and happiness is all about in a romantic relationship.

How to Make ANYTHING Work Out

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Find within you your passion. You don’t have to do the things I do. Do it your way. Do everything you want. But be consistent in what you do. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be afraid to not even try. Self-doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

The Hidden Positive Intention | Fabrizio Fusco | Personal Health and Life Coaching | London UK

We are not bad. We are just wounded. And we try to heal our wounds through our hidden positive intentions even if we are not aware of that.

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There are positive intentions behind every action or belief we hold, behind everything we do or happens to us. Indeed, there’s only one reason why we act in a certain way or we hold a certain belief: we are convinced that it will enable us to feel better in some way.

The Best Way To End A Relationship And Ethically Cut People Out Of Your Life | Dr. Isaiah Hankel

Some people should not be in your life. These are toxic people holding you back. Here’s the best way to end a relationship and cut people out of your life.

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Just walk away, guilt-free, without worrying about what others might say.

Dating on the Spiritual Path | Lissa Rankin

Lissa shares her thoughts on dating on a spiritual path.

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What Is a Spiritual Relationship? It is a relationship that recognizes that we are more than two egos, coming together to fulfill the insatiable hungry ghost desires of the personality. Rather, we are two spirits in human bodies communing to help each other wake up to the magnificence of our true Divine nature and the Oneness of all of life, two spirits committed to serving the revolution of love in our own unique ways, with the relationship as a vehicle for helping us fulfill our role in this world-healing revolution.

The Only Answer to Chronic Disease | Fabrizio Fusco | Personal Health and Life Coaching | London UK

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If you want to go beyond just accepting what your doctor tells you, the secrets in this book can help you build a vibrant, healthy, and spiritual life.